Catch the trend and let your winners ride with smart trend-following trading signals

product overview

  • Originally authored by Olivier Seban
  • A trend-following indicator that highlights trend direction, continuation, and reversals while filtering false signals
  • Buy and sell signals are printed onto the chart when trend direction changes
  • Calculates trend direction based on volatility in recent price action
  • Plots a trailing stop line colored according to trend direction


  • Includes the convenient, easy-to-use SuperTrend Market Analyzer Column for visualizing buy and sell signals in the Market Analyzer
  • Works in all markets, chart-types, and time frames
  • Customize colors, styles, and parameters

Who Should Use This Indicator:

  • Technical traders
  • Trend traders
  • Momentum traders

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Getting Started

Once you purchase the product, you will receive a link to download the SuperTrendNT8.zip installation file. Use the following steps to install the indicator:

  • Ninja Trader 8: In the Control Center go to Tools -> Import -> NinjaScript Add on and select the downloaded Zip file. Once installed the indicator will be available under Indicators -> TradingIndicators -> SuperTrend. The Market Analyzer Column will be available in the Market Analyzer under Columns -> TradingIndicators -> SuperTrend.


Does this indicator work with Bloodhound? 

Yes absolutely. The SuperTrend line and Buy/Sell signals are accessible via Plots and therefore can be picked via Bloodhound.

Can I use this indicator to create my own strategies using the Strategy Builder?

Yes – since the SuperTrend line and Buy/Sell signals are accessible via Plots, you can access them via the Strategy Builder as well.

Is this an automated trading system?

No, this is an indicator which will help you in your discretionary trading approach.

Will the indicator expire?

No, the indicator is yours forever. No follow-up payments are required.

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