ThinkOrSwim™ Study Library – Pack 1

Get the most popular ThinkOrSwim™ Studies for MotiveWave

product overview

  • Part 1 (Studies A-F) from the ThinkOrSwim™ Study Library, now on MotiveWave!
  • This package contains 70+ studies from ThinkOrSwim™
  • Unlocks the full power of ThinkOrSwim™ on your MotiveWave platform


  • Studies are in the same look and feel as ThinkOrSwim™
  • Great value to enhance your MotiveWave experience
  • Click here to see the A-F studies available with this package

Who Should Use This Indicator:

  • ThinkOrSwim™ Traders interested in using MotiveWave for charting

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*Please note that these studies should be considered an approximation to the equivalent TOS library study, rather than a conversion.

ThinkOrSwim™ Study Library Gallery

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Getting Started

Please see the alphabetical listing to see which studies come with this package. Use the following steps to add the studies:

  • In Main Menu of MotiveWave, go to Study > Add Study
  • Click on Import in the dialog box
  • Click on Add in the “Import Studies/Strategies” dialog box
  • Browse to the location of the installation file
  • Select the tos-studies-part1.jar file
  • Once imported, go to Study > ThinkOrSwim. The studies will show up in alphabetical order.


How long will it take until I have access to the study? 

After your purchase you will receive an email with the installation file. You can start the installation process immediately as outlined in the Getting Started section. It will, however, take a up to 24h to enable your access to the study set. If you do not have access after 24h, please send us an email at

Some indicators of the TOS package are already built into MotiveWave. How do they differ from the indicators in the TOS package?

In the TOS package, the indicators are implemented in the ThinkOrSwim™ look and feel with the ThinkOrSwim™ calculations. Depending on the indicator, this may result in differences between the 2 versions.

When will the next TOS package be available?

We anticipate releasing Package 2 (G-Q) by March 2020 and Package 3 (R-Z) by June 2020.

When will the full TOS library package be available?

Our goal is to release the Full Package (A-Z) by the end of June 2020.

Will the studies expire?

No, the studies are yours forever. No follow-up payments are required.

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