Candlestick Premium 1.2

Trade smarter by visualizing and analyzing multiple candlestick patterns

product overview

  • Use pattern recognition to simplify your trading experience
  • Visualize and scan 16 different candlestick patterns
  • Detects Bullish patterns, Bearish patterns, and Gap Patterns
  • Can be used with MotiveWave Scanner
  • Provides individual signals and alerts for each pattern


  • Bullish patterns are Multiple Inside Bar, Morning Star, Piercing Line, Three Outside Up, Three White Soldiers, Bullish Engulfing, Hammer, Rising Three Methods, Bullish Three Line Strike
  • Bearish patterns are Evening Star, Dark Cloud Cover, Three Black Crows,  Bearish Engulfing, Falling Three Methods
  • Gap patterns are Up and Down
  • Customize labels and viewing preferences (text, colors, markers)

Who Should Use This Indicator:

  • Technical traders
  • Traders who are interested in using candlestick setups

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Getting Started

Once you purchase the product, you will receive a link by email to download the candlestick-premium-v1.2.jar installation file. Use the following steps to install the study:

  • In Main Menu of MotiveWave, go to Study > Add Study
  • Click on Import in the dialog box
  • Click on Add in the “Import Studies/Strategies” dialog box
  • Browse to the location of the installation file
  • Select the candlestick-premium-1.2.jar file
  • Once imported, go to Study > TradingIndicators >Candlestick Premium v1.2


Will this indicator work with the new MotiveWave 6 version?

Yes absolutely. This study will work with all versions of MotiveWave.

Is this an automated trading system?

No, this is an indicator which will help you in your discretionary trading approach.

Will the study expire?

No, the study is yours forever. No follow-up payments are required.

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