Why We’re Different

With 20 years of experience in trading and fintech, we build our own solutions in-house, unlike traders who must outsource. Consequently, our in-house testing results in more sophisticated, innovative, user-friendly, and end-to-end solutions with a quicker turnaround time for customers. Our agile approach of developing, user testing, and iterating, paired with cutting-edge back end and UI/UX research, is what helps us create powerful, high-quality smart tools ALL traders can use!



We do not sacrifice intuitive designs for powerful features



We value simplicity over complexity because we care about your experience more than functionality


Rich Visualizations

We implement rich visualizations to facilitate your decision-making and analysis


Live/Real-Time Statistics

We build powerful features, such as live/real-time trading statistics


Co-Created and Developed

We involve our clients in every stage of the development process and really listen to you


Practical and Valuable

We develop innovative tools that are useful and valuable for all traders and investors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our indicators are applied to your chart, and provide you with both decision-enhancing information and signals.


Once you purchase an indicator or tool, you will receive access and/or a download link within 24 hours.


The details for installation on each platform are outlined in the Getting Started section at the bottom of every product’s page.

Our indicators and tools are compatible with and adaptable to any market or timeframe.


Whether you are trading stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, futures, commodities, CFDs, or other assets – they will work.


Our tools are designed to accommodate diverse trading approaches, such as scalping, swing trading, and investing, to empower your decision making process regardless of your trading style.

All of our indicators are available for a multitude of platforms, which can be easily viewed on every product’s page.


For now, our premium auto-optimized indicators are only available for those platforms which support the calculation and programming complexity required to power our algorithms.

Auto-optimization refers to the automated process of adjusting and fine-tuning indicator parameters or settings based on specific criteria or algorithms. It involves using computational methods to optimize the performance of trading indicators by automatically searching for the most suitable configuration or values that maximize desired outcomes, such as profitability, accuracy, or risk management.


Auto-optimization allows traders to efficiently explore a wide range of parameter combinations and adapt indicators to changing market conditions, ultimately aiming to enhance trading strategies and decision-making processes.

Empowering you is our focus. We prioritize traders and have designed our indicators to give the power back to retail traders, allowing you to compete with advanced tools previously accessible only to institutions.


Our indicators undergo rigorous backtesting, relying on years of research, testing, and experience. We have developed proprietary algorithms that provide accurate and timely insights into the market.


With our real-time auto-optimization features, we have revolutionized retail trading indicators, and we stay on the edge of technological advancements for all platforms. You no longer have to settle for static indicators that may become obsolete in changing market conditions. Our dynamic auto-optimization adapts your indicators in real-time, keeping you at the forefront of market trends and empowering you to compete with the most advanced tools available.